Ref: ASTROimport-1054

Studying the Magnetic Properties of Upper Main-sequence Stars with FORS1

Hubrig, S. ; Schöller, M. ; Briquet, M. ; De Cat, P. ; Morel, T. ; Kurtz, D. ; Elkin, V. ; Stelzer, B. ; Schnerr, R. ; Grady, C. ; Pogodin, M. ; Schütz, O. ; Curé, M. ; Yudin, R. ; Mathys, G.

published in The Messenger, 135, pp. 21-25 (2009)

Abstract: We summarise the results of our recent magnetic field studies in upper main-sequence stars, which have exploited the spectropolarimetric capability of FORS1 at the VLT extensively.

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