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000002887 0247_ $$2DOI$$a10.1063/1.3246523
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000002887 100__ $$aSemaan, T.
000002887 245__ $$aCharacterization and parameter determination of CoRoT variable stars with FLAMES
000002887 260__ $$c2009
000002887 520__ $$aWe present preliminary results from the ground-based ESO/FLAMES observational program set up for the spectroscopic study of variable stars observed in the CoRoT exoplanet fields. In the Initial Run (IRa01) and the two first long anticenter runs LRa01 and LRc01 about 9000 variable stars have been identified by the CVC (Corot Variable Classifier). The multi-objects FLAMES medium resolution (R~7000) spectroscopic observation of CoRoT variable stars from the IRa01 and LRa01 fields allows us to classify the variable stars accurately. In particular, we identified the Be stars and will determine their fundamental parameters by synthetic spectral fitting and by taking into account NLTE and rapid rotation effects. Confronting these parameters to the CoRoT light curves of these objects will allow us to test for correlations between stellar parameters and pulsation properties in a statistical way, in particular to study the instability strips. Moreover, knowing the fundamental parameters of the stars will allow us to perform seismic modeling. 
000002887 700__ $$a Neiner, C.
000002887 700__ $$a Martayan, C.
000002887 700__ $$a Debosscher, J.
000002887 700__ $$a Sarro, L. M.
000002887 700__ $$a Frémat, Y.
000002887 700__ $$a Aerts, C.
000002887 773__ $$c391-393$$pAmerican Institute of Physics Conference Series$$v1170$$y2009
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