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000002853 100__ $$aBakis, V.
000002853 245__ $$aNature of the Multiple System V831 Centauri
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000002853 520__ $$aWe present a comprehensive analysis results of the high-resolution spectra together with photometric data of the multiple system V831 Centaurus. Using spectral disentangling technique on the spectroscopic data with information from multi-band Geneva photometry, the disentangled spectra of the close binary components and the third star were obtained together with the spectroscopic orbital elements. The mass ratio of the close binary was found to be q=0.805. The disentangled spectra of the close binary components present a characteristic behavior of mid-B spectral type star while the third star's spectrum is more consistent with a mid-F spectral type main-sequence star. 
000002853 700__ $$a Hensberge, H.
000002853 700__ $$a Demircan, O.
000002853 773__ $$c109$$pBinaries - Key to Comprehension of the Universe$$v435$$y2010
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