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000002847 100__ $$aHubrig, S.
000002847 245__ $$aMagnetic Fields of Hot Pulsating Stars
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000002847 520__ $$aIn spite of recent detections of magnetic fields in a number of ß Cephei and slowly pulsating B (SPB) stars, their impact on stellar rotation, pulsations, and element diffusion is not sufficiently studied yet. One reason for this is the lack of knowledge of rotation periods, magnetic field strength distribution and temporal variability, and field geometry. New longitudinal field measurements of four ß Cephei and candidate ß Cephei stars, and two SPB stars were acquired with the FORS2 at the VLT. These measurements allowed us to carry out a search for rotation periods and to constrain magnetic field geometry for a few stars in our sample. 
000002847 700__ $$a Ilyin, I.
000002847 700__ $$a Schöller, M.
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