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000002825 037__ $$aASTROimport-982
000002825 100__ $$ade Cuyper, J.-P.
000002825 245__ $$aThe Archive and Digitizer Facility at the ROB
000002825 260__ $$c2011
000002825 520__ $$aThe building of a 2D-digitizer facility of high geometric and radiometric resolution and precision, started under the D4A pilot-project (2002-2005), has been continued during the DI/07 production-project financed by the Belgian Science Policy for the digitization of the astro photographic archives of the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB), the aerial photographic archives of the Belgian National Geographic Institute (NGI) and of the Belgian Royal Museum of Central Africa (RMCA) and the photographic archive of the Belgian Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (RICH). An international collaboration has been set up between the US Naval Observatory (USNO) in Washington DC, the IMCCE of Paris Observatory (OBSPM) and the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB) to make a new astrometric reduction of archival photographic plates of planetary satellites. 
000002825 700__ $$a de Decker, G.
000002825 700__ $$a Winter, L.
000002825 700__ $$a Zacharias, N.
000002825 773__ $$c301$$pAstronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XX$$v442$$y2011
000002825 85642 $$ahttp://esoads.eso.org/abs/2011ASPC..442..301D
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