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000002719 0247_ $$2DOI$$a10.1017/S1743921314006450
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000002719 100__ $$aLobel, A.
000002719 245__ $$aDiscrete absorption components in the massive LBV Binary MWC 314
000002719 260__ $$c2015
000002719 520__ $$aWe investigate the physical properties of large-scale wind structures around massive hot stars with radiatively-driven winds. We observe Discrete Absorption Components (DACs) in optical He i P Cygni lines of the LBV binary MWC 314 (P orb = 60.8 d). The DACs are observed during orbital phases when the primary is in front of the secondary star. They appear at wind velocities between -100 km s-1 and -600 km s-1 in the P Cyg profiles of Hei λ5875, λ6678, and λ4471, signaling high-temperature expanding wind regions of enhanced density and variable outflow velocity. The DACs can result from wave propagation linked to the orbital motion near the low-velocity wind base. The He i lines indicate DAC formation close to the primary's surface in high-temperature wind regions in front of its orbit, or in dynamical wind regions confined between the binary stars. We observed the DACs with Mercator-HERMES on 5 Sep 2009, 5 May 2012, and 6 May 2014 when the primary is in front of the secondary star. XMM-Newton observations of 6 May 2014 significantly detected MWC 314 in X-rays at an average rate of ~0.015 cts s-1. 
000002719 700__ $$a Martayan, C.
000002719 700__ $$a Corcoran, M.
000002719 700__ $$a Groh, J. H.
000002719 700__ $$a Frémat, Y.
000002719 773__ $$c115-116$$pNew Windows on Massive Stars$$v307$$y2015
000002719 85642 $$ahttp://esoads.eso.org/abs/2015IAUS..307..115L
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