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Observational results for northern and southern (candidate) gamma Doradus stars .

De Cat, P. ; Goossens, K. ; Bouckaert, F. ; Eyer, L. ; Cuypers, J. ; De Ridder, J. ; Flanders}, Aerts, C. ; Dupret, M.-A. ; Grigahcène, A. ; Many Observers

published in Memorie della Societa Astronomica Italiana, 77, pp. 313 (2006)

Abstract: We report on observational results obtained for 78 objects originally classified as bona-fide or candidate gamma Doradus stars. For the southern objects, we gathered echelle spectra with the CORALIE spectrograph attached to the Euler telescope in 1998-2003 and/or Johnson-Cousins B,V,I_c observations with the MODULAR photometer attached to the 0.5-m SAAO telescope in 1999-2000. For the northern objects, we obtained Geneva U,B,B_1,B_2,V,V_1,G observations with the P7 photometer attached to the 1.2-m Mercator telescope in 2001-2004. At least 15 of our objects are binaries, of which 7 are new. For 6 binaries, we determined the orbit for the first time. At least 17 objects show profile variations and at least 12 objects are multiperiodic photometric variables. Our results allow us to upgrade 11 objects to bona-fide gamma Doradus stars and to downgrade 8 objects to constant up to the current detection limits. Mode identification is still ongoing, but so far, only l = 1 and 2 modes have been identified.

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