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000002632 100__ $$aNitschelm, C.
000002632 245__ $$aStudy of the duplicity and the multiplicity in the Sco-Cen Complex (Sco OB2)
000002632 260__ $$c2007
000002632 520__ $$aThe Sco-Cen Complex is composed of three nearby southern OB associations: Lower Centaurus Crux,Upper Centaurus Lupus and Upper Scorpius. Each of these contains more than one hundred and fifty stars, supergiants as well as giants, bright early-type as well as fainter late-type, main sequence as well as pre-main sequence. Using the literature, the Simbad database, the results from the Hipparcos astrometry satellite and our own research programme, we have created a catalogue of secure and possible members of the Sco-Cen Complex, in  the framework of a more specific study of the binary population in nearby OB associations. The first conclusions of our research programme are connected with the lack of knowledge of the statistical composition of the Sco-Cen Complex. The fainter stars are mainly very poorly known and many known double and multiple systems are not well/enough studied. Our project is now to observe as exhaustively as possible all secure and possible members in order to derive a better knowledge of the duplicity and multiplicity proportion in Sco OB2. Some specific systems, mainly double-lined spectroscopic binaries also known as eclipsing binaries will be studied in detail for deriving the orbital parameters and, then, the masses of the components, using a disentangling procedure (the KOREL software). 
000002632 700__ $$a Hensberge, H.
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