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000002604 100__ $$aMartayan, C.
000002604 245__ $$aOn the nature of early-type emission line objects in NGC6611
000002604 260__ $$c2007
000002604 520__ $$aThe number and the nature of emission line stars in the young open cluster NGC6611 is still the object of debates. Due to the presence of a strong and variable nebulosity in the cluster, the number of emission line stars is highly depending on the technique and the resolution used for the observations. Thanks to observations with the ESO-WFI, in slitless spectroscopic mode, and with the VLT-GIRAFFE we have been able to disentangle the circumstellar and nebular emissions. We confirm the small number of true emission line objects and we precise their nature: mainly Herbig Be stars. 
000002604 700__ $$a Floquet, M.
000002604 700__ $$a Hubert, A.-M.
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000002604 773__ $$c518$$pSF2A-2007: Proceedings of the Annual meeting of the French Society of Astronomy and Astrophysics$$y2007
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