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First results on Be stars with CoRoT

Gutiérrez-Soto, J. ; Neiner, C. ; Hubert, A.-M. ; Floquet, M. ; Huat, A.-L. ; Diago, P. D. ; Fabregat, J. ; Leroy, B. ; de Batz, B. ; Andrade, L. ; Emilio, M. ; Facanha, W. ; Frémat, Y. ; Janot-Pacheco, E. ; Martayan, M. ; Suso, J. ; Garrido, R.

published in SF2A-2008, pp. 475 (2008)

Abstract: In this paper we present an overview of the analysis of some of the Be stars observed with the CoRoT satellite up to this date. Be stars are very fast-rotating B-type stars which may pulsate as ß Cephei or SPB stars. CoRoT has already observed 5 bright Be stars in the seismology fields and several tens of fainter ones in the exoplanet fields with an unprecedented quality and with a time duration from 20 to 150 days. Multiple frequencies are detected in the majority of the stars. Pulsations, outbursts, beating phenomenon, rotation, amplitude variability, etc. have been found in their light curves. In order to complement this study, ground-based spectroscopic data have also been analysed for the stars located in the seismology fields.

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