Ref: ASTROimport-682

Photometry of the δ Scuti star DG Leo: Preliminary results

Lampens, P. ; Garrido, R. ; Parrao, L. ; Peña, J. ; Arentoft, T. ; Frémat, Y.

published in Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica Conference Series, 21, pp. 73-74 (2004)

Abstract: New uvby photoelectric photometry has been acquired for the triple star DG Leo at two different observatories equipped with analogous instrumentation. A preliminary period analysis indicates the presence of at least 3 close δ Scuti frequencies (10-12 c/d, 3-6 mmag) and a slow variation. This slow variation fits quite well with half the orbital period of the spectroscopic binary; the noise level in the amplitude spectrum is only 3 - 4 mmag (after prewhitening).

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