Ref: ASTROimport-665

Spectroscopic study of the double-lined slowly pulsating B star HD 140873 and HD 123515

De Cat, P. ; De Ridder, J. ; Hensberge, H. ; Ilijic, S.

published in Spectroscopically and Spatially Resolving the Components of the Close Binary Stars, 318, pp. 338-341 (2004)

Abstract: HD 140873 and HD 123515 are non-eclipsing double-lined spectroscopic binaries whose primaries are respectively an apparently monoperiodic and multiperiodic slowly pulsating B star. Disentangling of the observed λλ 4130 Å Si II-doublet leads to satisfactory results for HD 140873 while non-physical features appear in the component spectrum for the secondary of HD 123515 which we attribute to the pulsations of the primary. After removing the contribution of the secondary from the observed spectra of HD 140873, there is a better agreement in the temporal behaviour of both Si II lines, but the results of the mode identification remain inconclusive.

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