Ref: ASTROimport-424

X-shooter, NACO, and AMBER observations of the LBV Pistol Star

Martayan, C. ; Blomme, R. ; Le Bouquin, J.-B. ; Merand, A. ; Montagnier, G. ; Selman, F. ; Girard, J. ; Fox, A. ; Baade, D. ; Frémat, Y. ; Lobel, A. ; Martins, F. ; Patru, F. ; Rivinius, T. ; Sana, H. ; Stefl, S. ; Zorec, J. ; Semaan, T.

published in Bulletin de la Societe Royale des Sciences de Liege, 80, pp. 400-404 (2011)

Abstract: We present multi-instrument and multi-wavelength observations of the famous LBV star Pistol Star. These observations are part of a larger program on early O stars at different metallicities. The Pistol Star has been claimed to be one of the most massive star known, with 250 solar masses. We present preliminary results based on X-shooter spectra, as well as observations performed with the VLTI-AMBER and the VLT-NACO adaptive optics. The X-shooter spectrograph provides simultaneously a spectrum from the UV to the K-band with a resolving power of ˜15000. The preliminary results obtained indicate that Pistol Star has similar properties to η Car, including shells of matter, but is also a binary.

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