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000002246 0247_ $$2DOI$$a10.1111/j.1365-2966.2011.18747.x
000002246 037__ $$aASTROimport-403
000002246 100__ $$aRobert, V.
000002246 245__ $$aA new astrometric reduction of photographic plates using the DAMIAN digitizer: improving the dynamics of the Jovian system
000002246 260__ $$c2011
000002246 520__ $$aThe astrometric monitoring of the natural planetary satellites is an important step to assess the formation and the evolution of these systems. However, in order to quantify relevant gravitational effects such as tidal forces, it is necessary to have very accurate observations over a long time interval. Unfortunately, the accuracy is decreasing as one considers older observations. To solve this issue, digitizing of old photographic plates is an attractive method, but a high accuracy in the measurement and the reduction of those plates is absolutely necessary. We have developed methods and algorithms adapted to specific plates provided by USNO, using the DAMIAN digitizer of ROB. From a set of 35 plates taken in 1974, we have been able to produce measurements with an accuracy better than 0.08 µm and after reduction using the UCAC2 catalogue, rms residuals of 35 mas (1.7 µm) for intersatellite positions (when the original reduction provided 100 mas) and of 65 mas for equatorial RA and Dec. positions (which were not possible to get with the original reduction). First results on the dynamics of the satellites and of the planet Jupiter are provided. 
000002246 700__ $$a de Cuyper, J.-P.
000002246 700__ $$a Arlot, J.-E.
000002246 700__ $$a de Decker, G.
000002246 700__ $$a Guibert, J.
000002246 700__ $$a Lainey, V.
000002246 700__ $$a Pascu, D.
000002246 700__ $$a Winter, L.
000002246 700__ $$a Zacharias, N.
000002246 773__ $$c701-708$$i1$$pMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society$$v415$$y2011
000002246 85642 $$ahttp://esoads.eso.org/abs/2011MNRAS.415..701R
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