Ref: ASTROimport-381

Photometry of High-Amplitude Delta Scuti Stars

Wils, P. ; Panagiotopoulos, K. ; van Wassenhove, J. ; Ayiomamitis, A. ; Nieuwenhout, F. ; Robertson, C. W. ; Vanleenhove, M. ; Hambsch, F.-J. ; Hautecler, H. ; Pickard, R. D. ; Baillien, A. ; Staels, B. ; Kleidis, S. ; Lampens, P. ; van Cauteren, P.

published in Information Bulletin on Variable Stars, 6015, pp. 1 (2012)

Abstract: 432 maxima of 64 High-Amplitude Delta Scuti Stars (HADS) obtained from CCD observations, are presented. Observations of the newly discovered HADS GSC 3004-0870 are included. The object GSC 1924-1134 was found to be a double-mode HADS, while GSC 1621-1643, GSC 2847-586 and GSC 3490-814 were found to be multiperiodic pulsators. GSC 4556-1113 is showing cyclical variations of the pulsation frequency with a period of 164 days.

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