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000002196 0247_ $$2DOI$$a10.1111/j.1365-2966.2012.22125.x
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000002196 100__ $$aBrunsden, E.
000002196 245__ $$aSpectroscopic pulsational frequency identification and mode determination of γ Doradus star HD 12901
000002196 260__ $$c2012
000002196 520__ $$aUsing multisite spectroscopic data collected from three sites, the frequencies and pulsational modes of the γ Doradus star HD 12901 were identified. A total of six frequencies in the range 1-2 d-1 were observed, their identifications supported by multiple line-profile measurement techniques and previously published photometry. Five frequencies were of sufficient signal-to-noise ratio for mode identification, and all five displayed similar three-bump standard deviation profiles which were fitted well with (l,m) = (1,1) modes. These fits had reduced χ2 values of less than 18. We propose that this star is an excellent candidate to test models of non-radially pulsating γ Doradus stars as a result of the presence of multiple (1,1) modes. This paper includes data taken at the Mount John University Observatory of the University of Canterbury (New Zealand), the McDonald Observatory of the University of Texas at Austin (Texas, USA) and the European Southern Observatory at La Silla (Chile). 
000002196 700__ $$a Pollard, K. R.
000002196 700__ $$a Cottrell, P. L.
000002196 700__ $$a Wright, D. J.
000002196 700__ $$a De Cat, P.
000002196 773__ $$c2512-2522$$i3$$pMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society$$v427$$y2012
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