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000002127 100__ $$aDavid, M.
000002127 245__ $$aDetectability of micro-variables in the ASAS database: the Scorpius-Centaurus Complex
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000002127 520__ $$aWe present a star-by-star discussion of the light variability of stars belonging to the Sco-Cen Complex, as detected in the ASAS-V database by David et al. (2013). Most of the variables (30) are young stars with irregular and/or cyclic patterns of variability, almost all with spectral types that indicate that they did not yet reach the zero-age main-sequence. The ZAMS starts at A3, F2 and F4 for the Upper-Scorpius, the Upper Centaurus-Lupus and the Lower Centaurus-Crux subgroups, respectively. A minority of stars (7), mainly of spectral type B or late-A, show strictly (multi)-periodic variability induced by rigid rotation of a spotted magnetic star, by slight deformation of the stellar shape in a binary, or by pulsation of stars situated in the instability domain of either SPB, delta Sct or gamma Dor stars. For some stars comments on yet unpublished high-resolution spectra are included. 
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000002127 773__ $$c1-55$$pJournal of Astronomical Data$$v20$$y2014
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