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000002107 0247_ $$2DOI$$a10.1088/0004-637X/807/1/1
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000002107 100__ $$aRiebel, D.
000002107 245__ $$aSAGE-Var: An Infrared Survey of Variability in the Magellanic Clouds
000002107 260__ $$c2015
000002107 520__ $$aWe present the first results from the Surveying the Agents of Galaxy Evolution (SAGE)-Var program, a follow up to the Spitzer legacy program SAGE (Meixner et al.). We obtained four epochs of photometry at 3.6 and 4.5 µm covering the bar of the LMC and the central region of the SMC in order to probe the variability of extremely red sources missed by variability surveys conducted at shorter wavelengths, and to provide additional epochs of observation for known variables. Our six total epochs of observations allow us to probe infrared (IR) variability on 15 different timescales ranging from ˜20 days to ˜5 yr. Out of a full catalog of 1 717 554 (LMC) and 457 760 (SMC) objects, we find 10 (LMC) and 6 (SMC) large amplitude Asymptotic Giant Branch (AGB) variables without optically measured variability owing to circumstellar dust obscuration. The catalog also contains multiple observations of known AGB variables, type I and II Cepheids, eclipsing variables, R CrB stars, and young stellar objects, which will be discussed in following papers. Here we present IR Period-Luminosity (PL) relations for classical Cepheids in the Magellanic Clouds, as well as improved PL relationships for AGB stars pulsating in the fundamental mode using mean magnitudes constructed from six epochs of observations. 
000002107 700__ $$a Boyer, M. L.
000002107 700__ $$a Srinivasan, S.
000002107 700__ $$a Whitelock, P.
000002107 700__ $$a Meixner, M.
000002107 700__ $$a Babler, B.
000002107 700__ $$a Feast, M.
000002107 700__ $$a Groenewegen, M. A. T.
000002107 700__ $$a Ita, Y.
000002107 700__ $$a Meade, M.
000002107 700__ $$a Shiao, B.
000002107 700__ $$a Whitney, B.
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