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The daily processing of asteroid observations by Gaia

Tanga, P. ; Mignard, F. ; Dell`Oro, A. ; Muinonen, K. ; Pauwels, T. ; Thuillot, W. ; Berthier, J. ; Cellino, A. ; Hestroffer, D. ; Petit, J.-M. ; Carry, B. ; David, P. ; Delbo`, M. ; Fedorets, G. ; Galluccio, L. ; Granvik, M. ; Ordenovic, C. ; Pentikäinen, H.

published in Planetary and Space Science, 123, pp. 87-94 (2016)

Abstract: The Gaia mission started its regular observing program in the summer of 2014, and since then it is regularly obtaining observations of asteroids. This paper draws the outline of the data processing for Solar System objects, and in particular on the daily "short-term" processing, from the on-board data acquisition to the ground-based processing. We illustrate the tools developed to compute predictions of asteroid observations, we discuss the procedures implemented by the daily processing, and we illustrate some tests and validations of the processing of the asteroid observations. Our findings are overall consistent with the expectations concerning the performances of Gaia and the effectiveness of the developed software for data reduction.

DOI: 10.1016/j.pss.2015.11.009
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