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GAUDI: A Preparatory Archive for the COROT Mission

Solano, E. ; Catala, C. ; Garrido, R. ; Poretti, E. ; Janot-Pacheco, E. ; Gutiérrez, R. ; González, R. ; Mantegazza, L. ; Neiner, C. ; Fremat, Y. ; Charpinet, S. ; Weiss, W. ; Amado, P. J. ; Rainer, M. ; Tsymbal, V. ; Lyashko, D. ; Ballereau, D. ; Bouret, J. C. ; Hua, T. ; Katz, D. ; Lignières, F. ; Lüftinger, T. ; Mittermayer, P. ; Nesvacil, N. ; Soubiran, C. ; van't Veer-Menneret, C. ; Goupil, M. J. ; Costa, V. ; Rolland, A. ; Antonello, E. ; Bossi, M. ; Buzzoni, A. ; Rodrigo, C. ; Aerts, C. ; Butler, C. J. ; Guenther, E. ; Hatzes, A.

published in The Astronomical Journal, 129, pp. 547-553 (2005)

Abstract: The GAUDI database (Ground-based Asteroseismology Uniform Database Interface) is a preparatory archive for the COROT (Convection, Rotation, and Planetary Transits) mission developed at the Laboratorio de Astrofísica Espacial y Física Fundamental (Laboratory for Space Astrophysics and Theoretical Physics, Spain). Its intention is to make the ground-based observations obtained in preparation of the asteroseismology program available in a simple and efficient way. It contains spectroscopic and photometric data together with inferred physical parameters for more than 1500 objects gathered since 1998 January 1998 in 6 years of observational campaigns. In this paper, the main functions and characteristics of the system are described. Based on observations collected at La Silla (ESO proposals 67.D-0169, 69.D-0166, and 70.D-0110), Telescopio Nazionale Galileo (proposal 6-20-068), Observatoire de Haute-Provence, the South African Astronomical Observatory, Tautenburg Observatory, and Sierra Nevada Observatory.

DOI: 10.1086/426370
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