Ref: ASTROimport-205

Analysis of MERCATOR data - Part II: variable A F stars

Cuypers, J. ; Goossens, K. ; Schoenaers, C. ; De Cat, P. ; Aerts, C.

published in Communications in Asteroseismology, 147, pp. 52-55 (2006)

Abstract: For a few decades, a large international community is working at the development of stellar seismology, intending to open a new window on the structure and evolution of stars, with the necessary parallel development of new observational techniques, modeling tools and methods for diagnostics and interpretation. This new window is associated with new observables, characterizing the oscillations (frequencies, amplitudes, line profiles,...) which are sensitive to the stellar interior and thus very complementary with surface observables, associated to astrometry, spectropolarimetry or interferometry.

DOI: 10.1553/cia147s52
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