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Pulsating B Stars Discovered by HIPPARCOS

Aerts, C. ; Waelkens, C. ; De Cat, P. ; Kolenberg, K. ; Kestens, E. ; Grenon, M. ; Eyer, L.

published in Journal of the American Association of Variable Star Observers (JAAVSO), 35, pp. 58 (2006)

Abstract: We present a classification of 267 new variable B-type stars discovered by Hipparcos, which results in, among others, a huge number of new Slowly Pulsating B stars and several supergiants with ? Cyg-type variations. Our results clearly point out the bias towards short-period variables of earlier, ground-based surveys of variable stars. The position of the new beta Cephei stars and Slowly Pulsating B stars in the HR diagram is compared with the most recent calculations of the instability strips. The new Slowly Pulsating B stars almost fully cover the theoretical instability domain. The supergiants with ? Cyg-type variations are situated between the ? Cephei stars and the Slowly Pulsating B stars, on the one hand and, previously known supergiants that exhibit micro-variations on the other hand. Finally, we introduce the follow-up study of the most interesting targets that we have started in the course of 1996 and that is still ongoing.

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