Ref: ASTROimport-148

A three-year photometric study of the oscillating Algol-type binary CT Her

Lampens, P. ; Strigachev, A. ; Kim, S.-L. ; Rodríguez, E. ; López-González, M. J. ; Vidal-Saínz, J. ; Mkrtichian, D. ; Litvinenko, D. ; van Cauteren, P. ; Wils, P. ; Gómez Forellad, J. M.

published in Communications in Asteroseismology, 153, pp. 54-62 (2008)

Abstract: We present the first results of a multi-site photometric campaign carried out in 2004-2006 on the Algol-type eclipsing binary system CT Her, the primary component of which is a δ Scuti-type pulsator. Our observations include (almost complete) binary light curves in the filters B and V which have been analysed following the principles of the Wilson-Devinney method. After removal of the best-matching light curve solution, the residual B and V light curves have been investigated for their pulsational content.

DOI: 10.1553/cia_153s54
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