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High-resolution spectroscopy and mode identification in non-radially pulsating stars

Pollard, K. R. ; Wright, D. J. ; Zima, W. ; Cottrell, P. L. ; De Cat, P.

published in Communications in Asteroseismology, 157, pp. 118-123 (2008)

Abstract: We have obtained high-resolution spectroscopic data of a sample of non-radially pulsating stars with the HERCULES spectrograph on the 1.0-m telescope at the Mt John University Observatory in New Zealand. We have developed and used a new technique which cross- correlates stellar spectra with scaled delta function templates to obtain high signal-to-noise representative spectral line profiles for further analysis. Using these profiles, and employing the Fourier Parameter Fit method, we have been able to place constraints on the degree, l, and azimuthal order, m, of the non-radial pulsation modes in one ß Cephei star, V2052 Oph and two γ Doradus stars, QW Pup and HD 139095.

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