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The pulsations of the B5IVe star HD181231 revealed by CoRoT

Neiner, C. ; Gutierrez-Soto, J. ; Fremat, Y. ; Floquet, M. ; Hubert, A.-M. ; Leroy, B. ; de Batz, B. ; Huat, A.-L. ; Martayan, C. ; Andrade, L. ; Emilio, M. ; Fabregat, J. ; Facanha, W. ; Janot-Pacheco, E. ; Suso, J.

published in Communications in Asteroseismology, 157, pp. 349-350 (2008)

Abstract: We present the first results of the analysis of the light curve of the B5IVe star HD 181231 obtained during a long run (5 months) of the CoRoT mission. The light curve shows clear pulsations and even beating effects. Several frequencies are detected. Ground-based spec- troscopic data have also been analyzed and help to determine the rotation frequency and identify pulsation modes.

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