Ref: ASTROimport-114

High-resolution spectroscopy of the eclipsing beta Cephei star HD92024

Hensberge, H. ; Sterken, C. ; Freyhammer, L. M. ; Pavlovski, K. ; Ilijic, S. ; Smette, A.

published in Journal of Astronomical Data, 10 (2004)

Abstract: We present spectroscopic data from a recent orbital analysis of the eclipsing SB-1 type binary system HD92024 which has a beta Cephei component. Fully reduced spectra are given together with technical details from the analysis, published elsewhere. In addition, a high-S/N time-averaged spectrum with line identifications is provided in graphical and digital form. The spectra show pronounced pulsational variability, which is essential for application in asteroseismology but disturbing for the dynamical analysis. Orbital elements derived from the spectra with a procedure devised to minimise influence from these line-profile variations are found to be more precise than orbital parameters resulting from classical methods. A line-variability indicator is described and then used to guide a selection of spectral line-regions rich in information on the stellar beta Cephei oscillations. Two lines are examined as examples.

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