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The nearby ellipsoidal variable TV Pictoris

Pavlovski, K. ; Cuypers, J. ; David, M. ; Griffin, R. E. M. ; Hensberge, H. ; Ilijic, S. ; Schneider, H. ; Verschueren, W.

published in Astronomy and Astrophysics, 331, pp. 639-650 (1998)

Abstract: TVPic is identified as a bright, near-contact mid-A+early-F binary seen under a moderate inclination of 54degr . From the analyses reported in this paper, it appears that both components are undermassive (1.2+0.4 M_?), and that the secondary rotates not synchronously but more than twice as fast. These conclusions follow from the analysis of (1) high-dispersion spectra near both quadrature phases, to which the secondary contributes roughly 10% in the visual light, and (2) light-curves in the Stromgren and Walraven system covering the interval 3200-5600 { Angstroms} and a time span of more than 2600 rotational periods. The light-curves show a very pronounced O'Connell effect, and only marginal colour variations. Models assuming a temperature spot either on the primary or the secondary explain the major part of the asymmetry in the light-curves, and are intended to provide useful initial estimates for more advanced mathematical codes. However, a more realistic physical model will require more discriminatory data, including spectroscopic observations in other spectral windows, and spectroscopy over the whole orbital cycle. Based on observations obtained at the European Southern Observatory (ESO), La Silla, Chile

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